A HTML package for Gren.

import Transmutable.Html exposing (Html, html, head, title, body, main_, h1, text)
import Transmutable.Html.Attributes as A (Attribute)

someHtml =
    [ A.lang "en" ]
    [ head
        [ title
            [ text "HTML document" ]
    , body
        [ main_
            [ h1
                [ text "👋" ]

string =
  Html.toString someHtml

You can also convert this HTML to VirtualDom using this package.


import Transmutable.Html as Html

Html.fromString "<html><body><!-- Contents --></body></html>"

Parsers for the individual pieces are available too via the Transmutable.Html.Parser module.


I've used this for my tokono.ma website, which is a "hybrid" Gren app (both static and dynamic). This package is used there to write static HTML files and render the same HTML templates using Gren's VirtualDom module from the browser package.

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This project is based on elm-html-string.