Gren on NodeJS

This package allows you to create Gren programs that on desktops using the NodeJS runtime.

I highly recommend working through guide to learn how to use Gren.

Sub-systems and permissions

This package is based around the idea of sub-systems. A sub-system provides access to functionality which interact with the operating system, like reading files or communicating with the terminal.

A sub-system must be initialized before used. The result of initializing a sub-system is a permission value which needs to be passed in to the functions that the sub-system provides.

Below is an example of initializing the Terminal and FileSystem sub-systems:

    : Environment
    -> Init.Task
        { model : Model
        , command : Cmd Msg
init _env =
    Init.await Terminal.initialize <| \termConfig ->
    Init.await FileSystem.initialize <| \fsPermission ->
            { model =
                { terminalConnection = .permission termConfig
                , fsPermission = fsPermission
            , command =

Once the permission value for each sub-system is stored in the model, your application can then interact with the terminal and file system.

Keep in mind that passing permissions to third-party code enables them to access these systems. Only give permissions to code you trust!