Gren in the Browser!

This package allows you to create Gren programs that run in browsers.

Learning Path

I highly recommend working through to learn how to use Gren. It is built around a learning path that introduces concepts gradually.

You can see the outline of that learning path in the Browser module. It lets you create Gren programs with the following functions:

  1. sandbox — react to user input, like buttons and checkboxes
  2. element — talk to the outside world, like HTTP and JS interop
  3. document — control the <title> and <body>
  4. application — create single-page apps

This order works well because important concepts and techniques are introduced at each stage. If you jump ahead, it is like building a house by starting with the roof!

This order also works well because it mirrors how most people introduce Gren at work. Start small. Try using Gren in a single element in an existing JavaScript project. If that goes well, try doing a bit more. Etc.